Are Screens the new Smoking?

As optometrists we are hugely concerned about the increase in young people becoming short-sighted. We wonder are screens the new smoking? Is all this close work causing more young people to have difficulty seeing clearly in the distance?

The two main concerns are: 1 children becoming myopic (short-sighted) at a younger age, and 2 the rate of progression of myopia through the teenage years.

Now there is science to support the message that outdoor time will delay the start of myopia. Such a simple concept, which all parents have been saying for all time - go outside and play.

There are many online information sites and initiatives to help educate parents, especially parents who are short-sighted as their children are more at risk. The above poster was created by a paediatric ophthalmologist keen to spread the message - outdoor play keeps myopia away. We are currently distributing these to our local early childhood centres, to help people understand the positive health benefits of making sure children get 2+ hours of natural outdoor daylight each day.

If you want any further information please do not hesitate to contact us. If you have concerns about your child’s vision book an appointment today.

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