Is your eyesight good enough to drive?

Good vision is essential for road safety. If you can’t see properly, you can’t drive safely.  Statistics show that one driver in 14 has a vision problem that may affect their driving. So when you renew your licence you must provide proof your vision meets the standards for safe driving.

And if you think your eyesight may not be good, or you are not able to see clearly while you are driving, get it checked now. Don’t wait until you renew your drivers licence.

There are three ways to prove your eyesight meets the standard:

  • Pass an eyesight check at the AA
  • Visit an optometrist
  • Take a test with your GP.

The AA vision screening equipment is quite basic. If you have one weak eye your strong eye compensates, you might fail at the AA, but pass at an optometrist. If you think this might be the case, come to your optometrist first.

Drivers with vision in one eye only (monocular vision) must come to an optometrist, or see an ophthalmologist or GP.

If you have issues with your vision, such as cataracts, your licence might include a restriction, such as no night driving.

If you are due to renew your licence, schedule your regular eye examination a couple of months before. We can test your eyes and issue you with the certificate you need. Certificates are valid for 60 days.