Novel light classroom could be the answer to shortsight.

Ian Morgan, a myopia (short-sight) researcher from the National University of Canberra, has developed a unique way to stop children developing myopia - teach them in a glass class room.  

Morgan's early research showed children who spent more time outdoors in natural light did better than their short-sighted contemporaries.  This was good but still had the hurdle of getting these short-sighted children to spend enough time outdoors to achieve this.  In a case which makes me think of bringing the mountain to Mohammed, Morgan developed a glass classroom.  The children in this environment did not become short-sighted at the same rate as those in regular class rooms.

Singapore poster encouraging outdoor play.

Singapore poster encouraging outdoor play.

Whilst there are indoor light solutions the concept of actually spending more time outdoors well supported, and of course has other general health benefits. 

Read more about Morgan's research in this Nature article.