Relief for Dry Eyes

Many things can cause dry eyes - the environment, medication, surgery, nutrient deficiencies and hormonal changes are some examples. And as we age our tear volume also decreases. There are two ways to approach dry eye treatment; 1) improve natural tear production, the tears your eyes produce, and 2) use supplementary eye drops, gels, sprays and ointment.

To improve your natural tear film we now have a new product - Lacritec.

Lacritec is a supplement so it works from the inside out, targeting the root cause of dry eye. It contains a patented blend of DHA & EPA Omega-3 essential fatty acid from Fish Oil, ALA Omega-3 sourced from Flax Seed oil, and gamma-Linolenic acid (GLA-Omega-6 faty acid) from Borage Oil. GLA cannot be easily obtained from diet alone.

Taking this supplement may replace the need for eye drops. Available in the practice now.  $45.90 (3 or more $37.00)