Ever wondered how a 3D frame is printed?

Monoqool, a frame company based in Denmark, has a truly unique story to their brand.

Monoqool founded in 2009 were looking to create a point of difference, using design innovation to change the look and comfort of a frame. The result was a spiral NXT hinge, with no screws, no bolts and no welds, just innovation plus geometry.

Monoqool is one of the leaders of 3D printing of frames. Known as the IQ series, 3D printed frames are extremely light, the latest models weigh just 10gm. A video available on Youtube shows the process - fascinating to watch.

Some eye catching new colours are being produced, a very strong azure blue, purple, bright red and hot pink, broadening the appeal of this great range. The hottest shape is a PANTO PT model, following the trend away from square and back to softer rounds.