Winter sun gets in your eyes


During winter, the sun doesn’t rise quite as high as it does in the summer. Low winter sun can cause glare when driving, due to the angle which the light hits your windshield. This glare can temporarily blind drivers, making it impossible to see the road. 

UV rays are just as harmful in the winter as during summer. These are good reasons to protect your eyes in the winter months, here are our tips.

Wear Sunglasses

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Sunglasses can help significantly, blocking out the glare. Polarized lenses are coated with a thin film designed to reduce glare. And these lenses will also protect your eyes from the harmful effects of UV exposure. Keep sunglasses in your car and you will be set.

Clean your windscreen

A dirty windscreen can make glare worse. Light coming in refracts off any dirt or smudges on the glass, making it harder to see. Remember to clean the inside of your windscreen too. Use a cleaner designed specifically for glass or windscreens.

Replace old wiper blades

Poor vision due to low winter sun is worse when it’s raining or the road is wet. Wiper blades that leave streaks or don’t work effectively can intensify the glare.