MiSight® Daily Contact Lenses for Myopia Control

We now have MiSight® Daily Contact Lenses as another option for myopia control. This year at the British Contact Lens Association
(BCLA) meeting some promising results were announced from a three-year study for MiSight®. The results indicate MiSight® dual-
focus contact lenses which have alternating visual correction and treatment zones - are effective in slowing myopia progression in
children by 59%. CooperVision, MiSight® manufacturer, reported data from its Clinical  Contact Lens Study showing these lenses
slowed myopia and eye elongation. 

CooperVision MiSight with girl.jpg

The prevalence of myopia is projected to increase from approximately two billion people worldwide in 2010 to an alarming five billion
people in 2050, bringing with it both short  and long-term health challenges. “Myopia’s growth has been dizzying and now affects the
vast majority of young adults in some countries, especially in East Asia,” said Arthur Back, from CooperVision. “Not only does it create
blurred vision, but also increases the likelihood of serious and blinding eye conditions later in life.
“Early intervention by parents, in partnership with optometrists, is essential for the short and long-term health and well being of their


The prospective, multi centre, double masked, randomised study enrolled 144 myopic children aged 8-12 years from Singapore,
Canada, England and Portugal. MiSight® was well accepted by the children who continued their daily activities such as school work,
reading, playing outside and computer use while wearing the lenses.  
Parents of participants gave a very positive response, noting that before the study, many were concerned about their children wearing
contacts.  After their children had worn MiSight® 1 day contact lenses for three years, almost 9 out of 10 parents rated their children
‘extremely happy’ with the overall experience. Children could mostly manage their lens wear independently.

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