Young Warkworth Entrepreneur helping Dry Eyes

We routinely recommend heat packs for dry, gritty eyes. These hot compresses are very soothing, and helpful for treating  blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids). Here in Warkworth we have wheatbags designed and manufactured locally.

Billie Paige, from Matakana, was 10 when she had a pool party accident. Billie needed heat relief. This led to her designing a wheatsack which envelops the shoulders, neck and back. Over time she has extended her range to include the Eyepack, a triangular handheld Spot, and Square packs used in acupuncture treatment. Billie Paige Eyepacks feature a headband so the warm (or cool) wheatbag will stay snuggly in place.

Bruder Eye Mask

If you have dry eyes, or would like the relaxation of a warm eye compress, come and see our range of Eye Wheat Bags.