Getting used to your new progressive lenses

Here are our tips to adjust to new progressive lenses. Progressives can feel a bit different compared to single vision glasses (reading glasses, or driving glasses).

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Keep them on. You may be tempted to switch back and forth between your new and old glasses, but don’t. The more you wear your progressive lenses, the quicker you’ll get used to them. Even if you don’t usually wear any vision correction to look across the room, or your intention is not to use glasses full time, it will help to wear them as much as possible at the beginning.


Don’t just move your eyes
Moving your eyes around the lens can cause eye strain, headaches and discomfort. Get in the habit of moving your whole head, especially when looking through your far and mid-range prescriptions. You will naturally look down when you are reading.

Position your glasses correctly
Proper alignment will make a difference. Wear your glasses up on your nose and fitting well behind your ears. This improves your field of clear vision and reduces distortion. 

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Be patient
Stick with your new glasses, and you will train your brain to see properly through the lenses, and looking through the different areas of the lens will become a habit. It may take a few weeks, but you will get it! 

Enjoy your new glasses!