Be My Eyes - Become a Digital Volunteer

Check out this wonderful innovation. Be My Eyes is an App for your phone which connects people with low vision to sighted volunteers, all over the world.

be my eyes app logo.jpg

How does it work? It is simple to follow. If you want to help people with low vision you can download the App and then you can respond to requests for help. For example, a person with low vision may not be able to read a label on their medication, but through the App they will use the camera on their phone to show a sighted helper, who could be anywhere in the world, what they cannot see. Our team at McDonald Adams has already signed on ready to help - perhaps you will too?

Be My Eyes began in Aarhus, a small town in Denmark, with one guy who had a great idea. The founder is Hans Jørgen. He is not a software developer. Nor would he describe himself as particularly tech-savvy. He has low vision, trained in philosophy and works as a craftsman. But first and foremost, Hans Jørgen has big ideas and a deep interest in improving society however possible.

Link to this video from the TEDx conference in Copenhagen, and hear Hans Jørgen tell the story of how he came up with the idea for a simple App that has become a small revolution in the world of volunteering:

In the video below you can hear users describe their experience.