Dry Eye Update - Layering Eye Drops

Droplet of water off leafe.jpg

We categorise Dry Eye as Evaporative Dry Eye (EDE) or Aqueous Deficient Dry Eye (ADDE). And many people suffering dry eye have a combination of the two!

Treatment needs to be specific depending on whether the aqueous part of the tear layer needs boosting, or the oily top coat is not working. Most of the eye drops available target ADDE but novel NovaTears,  provides a unique relief for EDE.

Nova tears is water free, so it can be used after opening for around six months with no need for preservatives. It spreads easily and feels good in the eye. Nova Tears spreads across the eye to reconstitute the lipid layer, slow evaporation, and allow natural regeneration of the tear film. 


While Nova Tears can be used by itself, I can strongly recommend layering. As a Dry Eye sufferer  I can share my recipe for relief.

  • Lacritec Omega-3 2 capsules
  • One drop Hylo Fresh, wait 5 minutes (brush your teeth, other bathroom routines)
  • One drop Nova Tears (This drops spreads so beautifully it feels like it is literally running off the eye)

My personal experience is the addition of Nova Tears keeps me symptom free for most of the day. If you need any advice or are suffering with dry eye, contact us or book a dry eye assessment.

By Claire McDonald, Optometrist