Low Vision Essentials

For people with low vision glasses are not always the solution. We can help match you with the best tools to help achieve your goal, for example reading mail. There are other suggestions too, to help those less able to see.


  • Use magnifiers, hand held or stand for reading, sewing etc
  • Use large simple labels in the pantry and other storage places
  • Use larger print in diaries, address and phone books
  • Enlarge recipes, music etc with a photocopier
  • Move closer


  • Black-on-white or white-on-black gives the best contrast. Use black marking pens to improve your ability to read
  • Put white strips on the edge of steps
  • Pour dark liquids into white cups and light liquids into dark cups
  • Use plain dark tablecloths or mats with white crockery


  • Improved general and focused task lighting to make things easier to see

Using other senses

  • Touch, add tactile marking to appliances
  • Be organised
  • Eliminate clutter around the home
  • Keep things in their place