You don't have to go far to hear a bad story about getting used to progressive, or graduated glasses.  Yet many people successfully use progressives every day, ourselves included.  Here are some of the FAQs about progressive lenses.

What will I notice when I start to wear my progressives?  There are areas of soft focus at the edges of your vision.

Most people move their head more in the first few days wearing progressive lenses. This quickly becomes more natural as you adjust into the correct position automatically.

We recommend tucking your chin when walking down stairs.

Will I have to lift my chin in order to read with the progressives? Once you are used to your progressives you will look through the correct zones without having to adjust your chin. Looking down your vision will be clear for reading, and when you look into the distance you will be looking through the upper portion of the lens and have a clear view.

How should I use my lenses to help adapting to them?  Ideally try to wear your new progressive lenses every day from the very beginning - morning until evening. Avoid switching back and forth between your new glasses and older prescriptions. Even if you do not plan to wear glasses all the time, leaving them on for a few days really does help you get used to them.

Do I have to wear my progressive lenses all the time?  No. Many people successfully wear their progressives only part time, e.g. at work, or indoors at home. You will find it is useful to wear new glasses all day for a few days while you are adapting to the new prescription.   

I am aware of blur to the sides? Remember to point your nose at what you want to look at. You will stopping noticing the vision to the side as you use the lenses more.

Should I drive in my new progressives?  To begin with take care when driving. When you are adapting to progressives in the early days it may be best not to drive with them - wait until you are confident.  

If you have any questions please contact us. If you are struggling please come an see us. Many times fine tuning the adjustment of you glasses can make a huge difference to your vision.