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Email Newsletter July 2018 - Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration Prevention

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Winter 2016 Eye Post Newsletter Fred Hollows, Toyota's Project Blaid, Outdoors helps children's eyesight.

June '16 Email Complimentary Magazine Offer and On Line Booking

May '16 Email Drivers Licence Vision Testing and Macular Degeneration

April '16 Email Safety Glasses, Ready readers and ANZAC.

February '16 Email Children's vision, Cycling Eyewear and AED Defibrillator app.

Summer 2016 Eye Post New Brands, Digital Eyestrain, Protecting your eyes in the Summer.

January '16 Email Sunglass Floats, Systane eyedrops and local news.

Summer 2015 Eye Post Look after your eyes, Science awards, Prescription swimming goggles.

Winter 2015 In this issue: Night Driving, Visual Field tests and Safety Glasses

Summer 2014 In this issue: Developing Vision, Dry Eye and Coffee, Bionic Eyes

Winter 2013 In this issue:  Optical lenses being made, Glaucoma month, Blinking and the brain

Summer 2017 Eye Post  Optics French Style, Watch what you eat, Mapping Eyes